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Pawnshop in Chandler,AZ


Whether you're looking to get rid of unwanted items or need a loan, Advantage Pawn & Jewelry in Chandler, AZ has you covered. For more than 24 years, Advantage Pawn & Jewelry has offered completely confidential transactions to individuals throughout the area, and we're ready to serve you.

Tools Pawn Shop - Pawn loan in Chandler, AZ
Pawn Shop - Pawn loan in Chandler, AZ

Sell and Buy

For years, individuals in Chandler, AZ have made Advantage Pawn & Jewelry their source to sell and buy used items and jewelry made of precious metals. Whether you're looking for the best deal on a particular item, such as firearms and musical instruments or want to make the highest market value on your gold, Advantage Pawn & Jewelry is the place to go.

Loans for Fast Cash

Get a loan for fast cash on your gold, silver, jewelry and diamonds from Advantage Pawn & Jewelry serving Chandler, AZ there's no need to worry about money. Simply bring a government-issued ID and the item you wish to trade for a loan, and we'll give you the money you need in 5 to 10 minutes. Contact our local pawnshop in Chandler, AZ to learn more about the items available for sale.